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Acoustic Sensors for Home Security

Acoustic Sensors

Acoustic Sensors

Acoustic Sensors detect glass breaking sounds, but their coverage is wider than glass break sensors. They can examine various sounds in the environment and distinguish suspicious ones. Here we present a small bundle of information about acoustic sensors. You can find more detailed information about safety sensors in general in other articles on the website.

Acoustic Sensors is a relatively new technology in use in home security systems and security devices. Its most important characteristics are its ability to analyze environmental sounds and select those suspicious for security among other sounds.

Acoustic sensors (sound separators) can detect the energy produced by any kind of sound, including glass breaking. If there is an intrusion into your home through a window, in the event of glass breakage, the shape of the glass breaking sound will be detected.

Types of Acoustic Sensors

Different settings can be made according to the sound that is desired to be distinguished, or types can be produced according to the purpose. Among these, the types that activate the warning alarm system in sounds such as glass breaking sound, engine sound, gunfire, car tire explosion sound can be counted.

Shock sensors detect a noise wave that can be at any frequency. They are usually placed on the window with a suction cup device or an adhesive. Acoustic sensors can be useful security motion sensors when used for the appropriate situation. Units can be placed to view several windows at the same time.

Acoustic Sensors in Home Security

Acoustic Sensors have been known for more than 60 years and are used in a variety of industries. It has found use in various fields from mobile phone communication to automobile tire production. However, its use for home security is still fairly new.

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