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Door Alarms and Door Alarm Systems in Home Security Systems

Door Alarms in Home Security Systems

Door Alarms

Home security systems and related alarm systems have different features depending on which part of the house they will be used in. Door alarms have a special place among such products, as doors are the most used places for unauthorized access to homes.

Requirements such as that the doors are strong and durable and have a good locking system do not eliminate the need for door alarms. Door Alarm Systems to detect when there is an intrusion through the door is one of the basic needs of homes.

How Do Door Alarms Work?

Doors can use magnetic contact sensors to detect when a door is opened. The sensor mechanism has a magnet on the switch side of the sensor and the other half. Most door alarms use an ignition switch with two metal parts that must remain in contact when the sensor is activated.

In the event of a door sliding or swinging, the metallic contacts of the mechanism lose contact with each other. One half of the door sensor is attached to the fixed side of the door and the other to the movable door. When the door is opened, the two parts of the mechanism are separated and an alarm signal is sent.

Are Door Alarms Reliable?

Door Alarm mechanisms use a strong magnet that can maintain magnetic contact even when the door is opened slightly. This makes it possible to leave a door open to allow airflow between rooms, but still have all the protection from armed door alarms.

If we want the door alarm to be activated immediately when the door is opened slightly and there is no tolerance distance, we can place the two parts a little further by using this tolerance distance during assembly.

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Electromechanical Door Locks

There are also door alarms linked to the door lock system. It is very suitable for installing this type of Door Alarm Systems, especially if the lock system of the door is electronic.

Electromechanical door locks are powerful electric lock mechanisms that prevent them from being opened. They are an important form of security in commercial properties but can also be used in home security systems. These systems usually integrate a magnetic contact sensor so if the door has to be opened accidentally, an alarm is activated.

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