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Driveway Alarms and Driveway Sensors for Your Home

Driveway Alarms and Driveway Sensors

Driveway Alarms and Sensors

The place that should be taken under protection first of all is undoubtedly the approach to the door. This zone (except approaches to the building from behind) is important as it is the zone where the first stage of any intrusion into the building occurs. This makes Driveway Alarms stand out.

Importance of Driveway Alarms

Intrusion into the house through the front door, basement windows, or front and side windows starts here. Also, malicious acts against not only the house but also your garage and car start here. For this reason, the front-door path and driveway of the house should be well lit, well-monitored, and well protected.

For all these reasons, driveway alarms are one of the most common alarm systems. A good scanning and surveillance system equipped with driveway sensors should be the basis of the driveway alarm system.

How do Driveway Alarms and Sensors work?

Driveway alarms usually come as a kit that includes a receiver unit and a remote sensor. The sensor is usually a PIR motion detection sensor. When a vehicle or person crosses the path of driveway sensors, it sends a signal to the dashboard console or a bell box, depending on how alarming you believe the intruder is.

Where are Driveway Sensors and Alarms used?

These motion sensors work against the risk of intrusion, unexpected visitors, mailbox tampering, and theft from the garage. Driveway alarms can be used in any area where all these risks are present, such as a driveway or a backyard.

You can also use them to alert you if children are near dangerous areas in a home or garden. You can set the system to alert you when your children approach areas such as electric transformer, swimming pool, pond, garden gate, etc.

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