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What Are Hardwired Security Systems?

What Are Hardwired Security Systems

Hardwired Security Systems

On this website, you can find information about wireless and wired security systems. We will cover the differences between the two in future articles. In this article, you can read the first information about Hardwired Security Systems.

Many home security systems are installed when a home is built or renovated. This makes it easier and less expensive to do the installation. Hardwired security systems can perform adequately and aren’t as vulnerable to the pitfalls of wireless security systems. Many of these systems, however, can have wireless components integrated into them such as wireless sensors and security cameras.

General Structure of Hardwired Security Systems

As in a wireless security system, the control panel or main console is the heart of the system. It is usually located in a closet or area that is out-of-site. Each home security system will have a limit on the number of security zones it can cover. Since the number of zones is limited, the installer will have to plan the placement of equipment to cover a house sufficiently. Typically, front and back doors, basement windows, and garage entry doors will need coverage.

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Major Units of Hardwired Home Security Systems

Smoke detectors, wireless panic, or emergency handheld alarm switches can also be integrated into your home security system.

Keypads are usually installed at the front and back doors to the house and the system may allow at least 6 user codes.

Some hardwired security systems will integrate into a home automation system so that alarm messages can be sent via pagers or cell phones.

Wired Security Systems are alternatives to Wireless Security Systems and Hybrid Security Systems in terms of classification type.

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