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Wireless Motion Sensors – A Brief Introduction

Wireless Motion Sensors

Wireless Motion Sensors

Motion sensors play an important role in home security systems. However, the technology they use is not always the same. There are different types according to the way they work and the method they detect motion. They can also be classified according to whether they are wired or wireless. In this article, we tried to present brief preliminary information about Wireless Motion sensors.

Motion sensors constantly monitor the area they are responsible for, triggering the alarm system when they detect an undesired movement and an entry attempt.

Wireless models, of course, include advantages in terms of installation and transport.

One of the most commonly used home security systems is motion sensors. Motion sensors with cable or wireless motion sensors… These are not cameras that detect or record images, they just detect and signal when something moves.

Types of Wireless Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are offered or used in hardwired or wireless systems. Being able to place the sensors exactly where you need them without the hassle of wires makes wireless motion sensors very popular and effective. Outdoor sensors are weatherproof and have dawn/dusk sensor mechanisms to allow you to monitor nighttime intruders. Some have what’s called pet immunity which means they do not go off when a family pet moves around in a secure room or area.

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The signal range of the sensors varies from a few feet to 5000 square feet. Some units combine both infrared and microwave signals to provide better protection. They have many advantages over wired motion sensors.

Wireless motion sensors can be placed anywhere in a room and some have swivel mounts to allow you to point them at doorways or windows.

Motion Sensors

You can find more information about Wireless motion sensors and other wireless security systems on our website. For this, we recommend that you browse the site in detail.

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