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X10 Security Systems and X10 Signal Standard

X10 Security Systems

X10 Security Systems

Home security systems and home automation systems consist of various units that perform different tasks. Signal communication between them is provided by various techniques. One of these techniques is the X10 Signal Standard, and the security systems consisting of devices using this standard are called “X10 Security Systems“. Each of the units that make up the system is also referred to as “X10 Security Cameras”, “X10 Motion Sensors”, etc.

Why is X10 Security Systems important? Home automation systems often use the X10 signal standard. X10 is a signal transmission system that operates via household electrical wiring and was invented to allow control of individual appliances or electrical devices in the home. An X10 module attaches to an appliance such as a coffee pot or a lamp. The module then can control the on and off function of these devices.

X10 Signal Standard

X10 is a protocol for communication techniques between electronic devices used in home automation systems. It uses power line cables for control and signaling, where the signals contain short bursts of radiofrequency representing digital information. Although there are a number of higher bandwidth alternatives, the X10 security systems continue to be popular in the home environment today.

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Although it is popular and handy to run detection signals through home electric wiring, there are a host of problems present in these systems. Various appliances and machinery such as air cleaners, televisions, and radios create radio wave frequencies that can interrupt the X10 system. It may seem like the home handyman’s dream system, yet may not work reliably. To avoid disruptions, you can have an electric line conditioner installed by an electrician, however, it is rather expensive. Do-it-yourself X10 security systems are available for $100.

What’s available in X10 security systems

Security System Consoles
Security Remote Control
Wireless Motion Detectors
Lamp Modules
Keychain Security Remote Controls
Door/Window Sensors
Outdoor Motion Detectors
Emergency Button
Power Sirens
Security Cameras
POWERFLASH Burglar Alarm Interface
Appliance Modules
Wall Switches
Video Receivers

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