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Security Camera Systems in Security Alarm Systems

Security Camera Systems

Security camera systems

Security cameras, together with motion sensors, form the eye element of home security systems. In fact, cameras are the most important part of the system when motion sensors are not used. However, when we use the term “security camera systems” instead of “security cameras“, we can understand that something more than cameras goes into it.

What Are Security Camera Systems Made Of?

A typical camera system includes one or more security cameras, security monitors, cable, power supply, motion sensors, a bracket for fixing the camera to the wall or ceiling, and a monitor. Most security camera systems are sold as packages, but large companies also sell security cameras separately.

Security camera systems are set up to watch the image taken on a monitor. However, sometimes the image has to be recorded for viewing later. At that time, a storage unit is also included in the system.

How many types of security camera systems are there?

Security camera systems can be subjected to a wide variety of classifications, based on the parts included in the system, based on its purpose, based on the area of ​​use, based on the technology used, etc. However, they all have the same purpose (to ensure safety) and the distinctions usually don’t make much difference.

For example, the difference between indoor cameras and outdoor cameras is that some cameras are suitable for indoor and some outdoor cameras. But most outdoor cameras consist of indoor cameras placed in a protective case that is resistant to external effects.

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A Small and Helpful Hint

In fact, I’m going to talk about something that is evident in the later video footage of the millions of thefts that have taken place.

You must have seen that, when thieves enter an area monitored by security cameras, they are usually aware of the cameras. Therefore, they hide their faces from the camera either by bowing their heads or by wearing a piece of clothing such as a hat or hoodie. Because the cameras are always up high, they can easily move around behaving this way and it is difficult to identify them.

However, if you use three security cameras, for example, and hide one of them at chest level, it will be possible to see the thief’s face even if he lowers his head. Remembering this little point when installing your security camera system can change a lot.

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