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Dual Technology Sensors for Home Security Systems

Dual Technology Sensors

Dual Technology Sensors

Why are “Dual Technology Sensors” needed? When it comes to home security systems, we know that it is a system consisting of at least a few units. These different units complement each other and form an effective whole. However, in order to work in communication, these units usually operate on the same technical protocol.

However, the technical protocols used may have deficiencies in different aspects. Here, the use of different systems together in this technical protocol allows the protocols to complete each other’s deficiencies.

When it comes to security systems, we want the final result to be precise. But since each system has its own deficiencies, sometimes we cannot achieve this goal with a single technology. Therefore, the use of Dual Technology Sensors is becoming widespread day by day.

Why are Dual Technology Sensors Important?

For example, motion sensors may not cover the entire protection area, some technologies have features that can be deceived by thieves. Vibration sensors may not work in intrusions without vibration. Electromagnetic sensors may not give the necessary alarm warning in intrusions that do not disconnect the electricity. Sensors sensitive to glass breaking noise may not work in intrusions made by cutting glass with a cutting tool.

Here, in such cases, sensors having more than one (usually two) technology can solve the problem. Different technologies provide safer protection by eliminating each other’s shortcomings.

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What are Dual Technology Sensors?

Sensor units containing two different types of sensors are called dual technology sensors or dual technology. These home security sensors are an increasingly popular type of sensor that combines the penetration capabilities of microwave sensors and the heat detection capabilities of infrared sensors in a single unit. Some units can be adjusted to adapt the security coverage to what is required in a home installation. There are many technological solutions that are being promoted all the time, including digital security. Also, check out digital motion sensors.

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