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Glass Break Sensors, Acoustic, Shock Waves, and Dual Tech Types

Glass Break Sensors

Glass break Sensors

In this article, you will find information about the types of glass break sensors and how they work. The information you get here is useful and important because one of the ways thieves will use to break into your home is through door and window panes. They do this either by cutting the glass with a cutting tool or by breaking the glass. In both cases, the security sensors of your home security system will detect this entry and activate the alarm system. However, it would be wise to use glass break sensors as an additional precaution.

How do glass break sensors work?

There are different types of glass break sensors depending on what it detects; and accordingly, their working style changes. Glass breaking security sensors detect when a glass has broken or vibrates with a broken shock and can warn you with alarm alerts.

Acoustic glass break sensors

Acoustic glass break sensors use an omnidirectional microphone that hears the sound of breaking glass. Some sensors even draw their electrical energy from the motion of the breaking glass itself. Acoustic glass break sensors select and detect the sound of glass breakage among other sounds in the environment.

Shock Waves glass break sensors

They can also detect the sudden shock waves generated by a breaking object, such as a glass or door, during the break. In this case, what glass breakage sensors detect is not the sound itself but the shock wave created by the broken glass.

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Which types of glass break sensors are better?

Dual technology sensors combine PIR and microwave infrared technology to improve security effectiveness and to avoid false alarms. False alarms can occur when normal occupants of a room drop a glass or drop something on the floor, which could set off glass break alarms. Jingling keys or radio broadcasts mimicking breaking glass may set them off as well. New glass-break sensors are incorporating additional infrared sensors which help minimize the occurrence of false alarms.

More about glass breaking security sensors

These sensors are naturally well-suited for glass patio doors, large glazed windows, glass blinds, and where large glass bodies are located. Learning more about glass break sensors and home security systems can help protect you, your family, and your home better. Therefore, we recommend that you browse this website to understand the layout of the site and then read the articles provided to you carefully.