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Sound Detection Systems for Home Security

Sound Detection Systems

Sound Detection Systems

Sound Detection or Sound activated systems (acoustic sensors) utilize sound detection to guard enclosed areas such as an empty home. They use supersensitive microphone sensors installed on walls, ceilings, and floors to detect any sound caused during a break-in. Since each home may have different levels of normal ambient noise from appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and furnaces or noisy cars in the neighbors’ driveway, the sensitivity of the sensor can be tuned for each individual home installation.

Where are Sound Detection systems used?

Sound Detection systems are not suitable for use in places where people live. Because various noises caused by people living in the house cause the system to err. For this reason, Sound Detection Alarm systems are generally used in empty houses, warehouses, and unused parking garages. It can also be used in environments such as factories and offices when set to activate outside of business hours.

You must choose according to the place you will use it

If ambient noise levels are too high, this system may not function well enough to use successfully. If your empty home is in the noisy environment category, consider the wide array of infrared sensors, microwave sensors, photoelectric sensors, and electromagnetic sensors available on the market.

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Sound Detection Acoustic Glass Break Sensors

When an electric circuit system can be bypassed by smashing through a window, acoustic glass break sensors are a convenient low-cost solution. Glassbreak Sensors are usually wall-mounted devices. They work when the microphone sensor hears the sound of breaking glass and triggers an alarm. It’s great for safeguarding rooms in your home with many windows. A combination of glass break and motion sensors is also quite effective.